Developing the Innate Within

Developing the Innate Within

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Developing the Innate WithinHi All, Welcome back to our blog – Developing the Innate Within.

For many years now i have been working individually with people to help them open up or develop the innate within them.

A few years ago my own innate projected me onto a platform to do this with groups rather than individually.

Consciously i was not ready or prepared for this, and fear kicked in.

Thankfully trusting that my innate within knew what i was unable to consciously process i allowed myself to be a hollow bone or a vessel for the work.

That work opened up rather brilliantly and successfully and i thank the innate within me for being my really useful sat nav.

A couple of years later my innate wisdom told me to stop. No warning, just stop now.

It really took the wind out of my sails, i had built up this lovely area within my life’s work, it was fruitful in everything it brought material , happiness, time rich all of these things were in abundance.

At the time i could see the logic in my innate pushing me TOWARDS a goal / success and moving me out of my comfort zone


I couldn’t see how taking it away brought a single benefit to my life. Until now.

I needed to distance, regroup, and i was evolving into another dimension of myself. I needed the space for that to happen.

When we are in a position of teaching, leading , guiding or opening within others it is vital that we create the space for our own development otherwise we all just stagnate.

My innate within knew this

We are all born with an innate wisdom within us.

This innate wisdom is in some people asleep.

This innate wisdom in some people is partly activated.

This innate wisdom in some people is fully activated.

This is nothing to do with logical intelligence. 

Some of the most logically or academically intelligent people on the planet are asleep.

If the innate wisdom within a person is even slightly activated then they will be reading this. Even if you stumbled upon this by ‘accident’.

The good news is that you can develop a greater activation of the innate and if you can begin to sharpen your abilities your life begins to reorganise itself towards the souls purpose.

This is not something for ‘special ‘ or ‘chosen’ ones. This is not something that anyone who tells you that they are channeling from ascended masters!(ego please).

This is YOUR BIRTH RIGHT. Every single one of you, it’s just about shaking it to awaken it….with whomever and however you choose.

To align with the innate within is part of the body of work i continue to develop with my clients.

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Thank you for reading.

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