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*Earth Healing Message *- URGENT CALL TO ACTION.

I have just done a shamanic journey to the centre of the earth , the heart of GAIA and here is her message to you all.

GAIA SPEAKS “It was me who asked you for the 7th day to be a day of rest.
At that point in time you humans lived in a 3 dimensional (3D) world governed by rules (religion) and structure.
You understood it in the format of the time (delivered from GOD) and you listened to ‘His ‘ rules.

We are no longer in that time.
So i now need to speak in a different way, this is the only way to make you listen. Will you ?
Now you see, as my blood begins to run clean again, as my lungs begin to breath again.Your lungs are my lungs. Your blood is my blood.
If you listen then this can be the beginning of a new way.

I ask you in the new world to honor the 7th day. It was never a difficult ask, until your greed took over.
If the 7th day allows me to rest then this destruction of your world will not be necessary. If you do not listen then it is just the beginning of what will be far worse. “
Heart of Gaia.

So  if we can share this message and take it to the world leaders, or to take it into our own hands and honour the rest needed for our beloved GAIA.

Let me ask you this – Can you choose for the 7th day to be a day of rest ?
Can you choose for just 1 day a week to choose no pollution from the planes the air, the boats in the water of the rivers and the seas, that we use our feet and leave the roads free of cars and lorries.

For just 52 days a year can we do that ?

IF we can commit to this simple request then we can plan and then it will not destroy us and our lives but also allow gaia to rest and heal.

Please share this simple message which could easily be maintained by us.

Look at the images of the waters of Venice , the pollution statistics if you need validation or evidence of just how simply the earth can heal.

Please listen, we have the opportunity to right our wrongs.

Thank you for reading.

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