Feeling our Feelings

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Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. Feeling our Feelings.Feeling our Feelings

I was just thinking about how much effort we put into avoiding feeling our feelings. All of them.
Feelings are an expression of how our body holds an idea or belief.

Feeling our Feelings

We tend to live in a world that has become conditioned into a language and behaviour structure that is geared towards more negative emotions like anger , shame , envy , guilt , judgement etc.

These emotions if they are not released bury deep down into the body where they are stored within the tissues and cells of our physical architecture. As we do not want to feel our feelings , we learn to become emotionally numb or detached.

We have learnt that this comfortable numbness that allows service to resume as ‘normal’ .

We become quite the disassociated human.

Within this conditioning we have lost the ability to know ourselves , our needs, wishes desires and we have also lost the ability to have such full body experiences of joy, pleasure and love.

When we do not have an orgasmic full body experience of life, no wonder our senses struggle to find the pleasure receptors in our every day life . It becomes a spiral away from pleasure and into pain.

When we have a full body experience of life in the positive then every experience touches us because we are fully ‘switched on’ or connected.

From the breath we take to the sound we hear in nature or music to the sensory experience of food the experience should move through the WHOLE of our body like an orgasmic ripple or wave of pleasure.

In 70% of people the sexual pleasure of orgasms are contained to the genital area and not the explosion that connects the whole map of the body from the brain to the tips of the toes.

I often think this is why people turn to drugs to help them to find those feelings that have been lost.

But let me share with you this –

If it is possible with drugs its also possible without. I have been witness to this so many times its such a blessing to witness that person coming home to themselves again at the level of the soul.

I often find that when we reconnect the soul essence back to the deep knowing of Love, pleasure , nurturing and peace then the human learns from that trajectory too.

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Thank you for reading.

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