Find Your Cause

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Find Your Cause .

We are such a contradiction us humans .

I often think that we live our life with so much purpose and passion for what we do in our individual successes, which is truly amazing.

However when it comes to a more collective way of thinking we can really bypass the very issues that actually touch our hearts.

The very thing that we feel so deeply for we perhaps do not play our part in protecting that same thing.

I spoke to a business owner recently who was complaining of a news story of how one particular huge retail business gave “only” 0.5% of their profit to charity.

I said ” so i’m curious ,how much of your business profit  do you dedicate ?”

To which they replied ” well i would donate my tax to charity if i could “

hmmmm ……Giving away what you already have to give away is not really giving at all.

So maybe charity isn’t your thing either , but what matters to you ?

We give from what has meaning to us. This is why it is effortless to give generously with an open heart to our family and friends.

What about the homeless , the starving, the animals , the declining species, the oceans, the climate, nature.

Find Your Cause

Find Your Cause
  • Maybe we love gardening and cannot bear our own gardens being devastated by extreme heat , drought and floods of the extreme weather changes. We may not see that every time we travel by plane, jump in the car when we could walk or we slab or add artificial grass we are contributing to the problem.

  • Maybe we are in awe of dolphin , whale and other water creatures , yet if we all continue to eat and use products containing the marine life and we do not regulate our own water conservation some marine life will be killed daily by acidic ocean water.

  • We may love nature and woodland walks , yet we may not consider that log burner and its carbon footprint, the population growth , that take-away meal in single use plastic, fast fashion buying and its contribution.

What matters you,  what do you care for ?Find Your Cause.

What are you doing and contributing in that direction , or maybe this blog sparks some contemplation for the beginning. I hope so. 


Thank you for reading.


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