When Women Heal

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog.When Women Heal.

Within my work as a Therapeutic Shamanic &  Soul Journey Practitioner I see time and time again how women have lost connection with the essence of who they are. That creative nature, the inner wild , the essence of the power of life. 

I say women , as the ancestral patterns I see are ALL rooted from ancestral beliefs that women were “less” than men in differing ways. 

That imprint still unconsciously affects women living today .

The rooted ancestral beliefs and patterns of course also affect men today,  but men hold a different core pattern that create a different collective lineage energy line.  Men are as stuck as women in as much as they do not consciously know how to heal either. Both genders  become stuck in old wounds. (please note that i include all person identifications within here, however for the sake of simplicity i am referring to our biologically born energy lines).

Often we are holding imprints of up to 8 generations of patterns being past through the lineages by women who are not rooted in their truth, held back by deep ancestral beliefs. 

The essence of spirit and instinct or intuitive nature has been lost, blocked , beaten down , humiliated for what it is.

In this life women may feel afraid or ashamed to own their wild free spirit and creative sacral energy in a healthy way. 

As we are the chosen chalice of creator energy , when women heal we birth into the world a healing energy. The true oroborus comes from the sacred feminine of the kundalini . This becomes the true circle, not a line and all energetically it pervades directions .  I love this as we can in fact heal our ancestors, our children, our future lives, our partners , our family, friends, the world….infinity. However it begins with a willingness to have faith in what we are unable to see in manifest….yet.

Thank you for reading. Abundant blessings.


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