Free Your Mind – The Power of Thought

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Hi All,

I want you to think about this ;

“Whether you think you can, or think you’t can’t. Your right.” – Henry Ford

Our thoughts and words can have either a positive or negative effects on our lives.

My work this week has been challenging , and it got me thinking about how sometimes we all have blind spots which can prevent us from seeing how the language we use becomes the house that we live in.

Blind spots in this form are often rooted in limiting beliefs which are often generated from family belief systems which we end up taking on . The work I do always involves breaking down these inherited beliefs. I listen to my clients when they first begin their journey of transformation, the language they use always comes back to the family patterns.

Are you caught up in limiting belief systems that keep you stuck or make you feel less than the amazing magnificent being that you truly are ?

Some examples of beliefs that can prevent us from attracting our true abundance and power tend to be :

~Money Blocking Beliefs :

Money is the root of all evil.

Money comes from hard work.

Money changes people.

Money doesn’t grown on trees.

~ Gender Blocking Beliefs

Men must be strong.

Men shouldn’t cry.

Act like a lady.

Ladies dont…..

Thats a mans / womans job.

These limiting belief can not only block us from our dreams , goals, and soul purpose but they can also manifest as illnesses.

Our words and our thoughts have a tremendous power. Our thoughts and words are our WORLD.

So what you choose can motivate , inspire, breath life , heal and catapult you into the best version of yourself…..or they can grind you down into a place of misery, fear, hopelessness, ill health etc.

Are your thoughts and words positive or negative affirmations ?

‘Human beings have used their incredible abilities to develop a staggering array of limiting beliefs, justifications and excuses for every occasion. What a waste!” – Robert White

Thank you for reading.

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