Fertility Massage Therapy

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Hi All,

I thought I would write you a blog this week on how effective Fertility Massage Therapy can be.

As a Fertility Massage Practitioner I trained specifically in Fertility Massage Therapy™.

If you want a baby then it is highly likely that you are dealing with the very emotional journey of fertility right now. Also, if you are battling with unexplained infertility, it is very likely that you have been spending much time on the internet, looking for reasons, help , answers , researching etc.

It can seem like such a battle , and once you have decided you want a baby, it seems that everyone , everywhere but you has a baby.

Your friends all seem to be pregnant, the family constantly question you on when you are going to have a baby. It can be consuming and often it can become an emotional roller coaster with every month being another month of sadness and often grief as your period comes again , and yet again you are not pregnant.

Often when clients come to me they are at the point of stress and frustration as they have ‘unexplained ‘ infertility or they are preparing their bodies for the best chances of conceiving with A.R.T (I.V.F , IUI etc) and I work with them to help them with this journey.

I honestly do not really believe there is unexplained infertility , just something that cannot be diagnosed by a set of scientific tests. This is also where working outside of the box with Fertility Massage and other energy medicine techniques can help to find out where there may be other blocks with clients.

Let me give you one example of many of ‘unexplained’ infertility and baby success.

I had a client recently come to me after they had been trying to conceive for over 2 ½ years . They had all the medical fertility checks had come back and both partners were fine (age group 28-32yrs old). Fit and healthy , good diet , body weight etc.

I worked with this client with Fertility Massage and what came up was a block within the ancestral line. I could see 3 generations of issues not including her own. She confirmed that her mother and grandmother had both had early hysterectomies due to hormonal problems but wasn’t sure about further back .

We did the work to clear the patterns from this client and ‘brought the womb back to life’.

The client went on to become pregnant.

This is a really good example of where complementary health allowed the client to heal unresolved traumas which were preventing her from moving forward on her fertility journey. No medical diagnostic could give that information and this is often where ‘unexplained ‘ infertility gets left.

Fertility Massage is a very gentle , yet powerful and healing form of both physical bodywork and energy medicine.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like any more information about how Fertility Massage or Fertility Reflexology, or any of my other work can help you , then please do contact me.


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Fertility Massage Therapy