Goddess of Love

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Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. Goddess of Love

Goddess of Love









If we live in a low vibrational world level then we may end up piggy backing onto its dramas and traumas .

We may become infected by the laws of consciousness that govern this world and ultimately we may become tyrannical monsters.

I wonder how it would feel for you if you could instead think of yourself as a child of the Goddesses.

I wonder if you could instead surrender to this way of being and listen to the energy of the Goddesses in your life. If  we live our lives with a mindset that we are no longer governed by any law but the laws of Goddesses then i wonder what else could be possible.

If you are unfamiliar with the Goddesses then you may just use Gaia energy as an easy one. Mother Earth , the ultimate Earth Goddess.

If you ask of Gaia with every day then the energy that runs through you will be of the heart of the earth. this can be super helpful in stripping away from our Ego mind.

Our ego is selfish and always puts itself first.

Goddess of Love

Imagine if instead we ask of the energy from Gaia in every decision , act or showing up in the world ….
Asking –

  • Is this right for Mother earth?
  • Does this please Mother earth?
  • Will this increase the vibration for Mother earth?
  • Will this serve Mother earth?
  • What more can i do for Mother earth?
  • How can i serve Mother earth better?

If our world view is from the energy of Goddesses then it is always from love and from the heart.

If we are operating from our ego then we are often just using a cause , drama or situation as a smoke screen for releasing our inner beasts .

Our self perception determines our behaviour. If we think anger , unjust , small and limited things then we will behave that way.

If we think instead that we are children of the Goddesses of love and magnificent creatures of her womb of love then we tend to behave that way .

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