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Hello Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. HiveMind .

We have become so disconnected from each other, from nature and from ourselves.
The Shamans have a phrase ‘ Wetiko ‘ which is kind of like a demonic possession.
Within my Shamanic practice it often arises and as a Psychologist i very much also see it although the therapy process is very different in how you approach to reconnect the person.

Hive Mind

Hive Mind 

This disconnected way of  living is why we (and our beautiful Mother Gaia ) are all becoming sick. We have lost the hive mind that contributes to the collective whole.

These sicknesses of separation manifest as many different spiritual blockages or spiritual viruses such as insatiable  greed – this could be anything from obsession over food, alcohol, drugs etc to consumerism or coveting material things beyond needs , money etc . Taking things that do not belong to us or have not been freely given (even small things such as stealing a pen or yanking up flowers for no purpose )  and a lack of generosity are all spiritual viruses.

A selfishness in general  –  a division that judges ‘better / worse’. A clique of who is deemed worthy versus not and a separation of others. Whether it is race, status , culture , age ,  gender , animals or  nature  . Anywhere where the separation of self and others is judged as less important is a disconnection .

Hive Mind

When we all  heal and reconnect only then will we all realise that we are all cells within one giant organism,  one swarm of the same hive mind. When we poison with hate, judgement and separation we poison ourself too.
Once you embody the hive mind you  will no longer operate from contraction , separation or fear because there is no ‘THEY’ or ‘OTHER’ it is all you .

Come back to the hive dear ones.

Thank you for reading.


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