How Clinical Reflexology Can Help You To Have a Baby

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Hi All, Welcome to this weeks blog – How Clinical Reflexology Can Help You To Have a Baby.

How Clinical Reflexology Can Help You To Have a Baby

Firstly Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive and balancing therapy which uses pressure points, nerve and energy pathways which communicate with corresponding organs and systems within the body. Through the treatment plan , hormonal system is balanced. It also de stresses, relaxes and promotes harmony and wellbeing which in itself can be hugely beneficial for getting the body in balance and ready for trying for a baby.

Scientific Research

Scientific research into the field of complementary healthcare indicates that up to 50% of women who add complementary healthcare to their routine whilst preparing for having a baby  find themselves pregnant within six months.

In my own practice i can certainly report on the effectiveness and success stories so far. What an absolute joy to be a part of such a wonderful time.

Whilst Reflexology and CAM brings the body into its best health I also recognise how emotional and stressful this journey can be for many couples. As I am trained in other talking and counselling therapies i find that many women find that support with the emotional aspect of how they are feeling about fertility issues is a valuable part of the service.

Clinical Reflexology

Once you are pregnant Clinical Reflexology is also wonderful to keep you balanced throughout the pregnancy and baby loves the sessions too!  What a wonderful way for baby to grow and feel through his or her senses this experience of such a relaxing and calming introduction to life.

If you want a chilled out baby this is for you! i find that the babies are always very responsive to the energy work , pre birth this is another layer which i truly believe helps baby enter into the world in the most relaxed and connected way possible.

Some of the common issues such as water retention , acid reflux, constipation , sleep , stress nausea etc can all be worked through at this time and when the time comes reflexology can bring also help to on the labour for them naturally.

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