How do we walk with our pain ?

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Welcome back – How do we walk with our pain ?How do we walk with our pain

We live our lives with so much of it constructed around purpose, how to be of use or service and how to impress the world with all that we are.

What happens when we can no longer be useful, when we cannot make a mark or make a lasting impression?

What is left of us then? 

If you have suffered long term illness , crippling pain either physically or mentally then this may resonate with you.

How do we walk with our pain?

When we are faced with a crippling illness whether physical or mental it can take so much of us away. That sense of loss of your essence, your being and your belonging can be a humbling and important teacher.

Within this space you may become isolated, separated and unable to function in the way you once did.

Within this wild and desolate terrain you may learn that people who you thought were your support network become distant.

You may discover that the thing that held you together was who you once were, not who you are becoming as your needs change.

You may find yourself unable to hold the space you once did for others around you . If your role within the friendships, family or community has been a supporting one you my feel the blow as you are not invited or are unable to attend that commitment.

Within this process of healing the process will likely involve you having to strip away everything that you have once known and relearn the processes of what you can and cannot do. What you can and cannot participate in.

Your mental or physical wellness means that boundaries need to be redrawn.

Healing is possible. Improvement is possible. Wellness is possible.

How do we walk with our pain ?

  • Accepting who you are today and what is happening.
  • Letting go of the past version of how things used to be.
  • Focusing on what is best for you today.
  • Release any hurt you feel from those who do not understand or judge you.
  • Do not say you are fine and expect the other person to get it.
  • Be with people who want to share where you are going not expect you to be how you once were.
  • Accept help.
  • Devote yourself to your wellness , the best version of recovering from where you are right now a day at a time with this pain.
  • Have hope and faith in what may be.

Thank you for reading.

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