How lack of sleep can impact on weight loss and hormonal imbalances.

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We know that we are what we eat (and digest) and some of our earlier blogs give nutritional advice but i have been thinking a lot this week about how important sleep is and how lack of sleep can damage the hormonal system and also have an impact on a speedy weight loss.

Whilst a healthy diet is key in most weight loss it is also worth thinking about how much sleep you are getting,  as some of the contributing factors that link sleep with weight loss need to factor in the consideration of our hormonal system…’s how …..

*  your pituitary gland (which is the master hormonal system regulator and growth hormone)  works harder whilst you are sleeping. This can help you build muscle, regenerate cells and  help with balancing of the metabolism which leads to easier weight loss.

*A good nights  sleep at night helps you lower cortisol levels (which stops over stimulation of breaking protein down into glucose …….and  If you have too much glucose in your body, it will get stored as fat!)

* Too little sleep affects  levels of leptin (this curbs our appetite ) and raises levels of ghrelin ( increases our appetite) which can impact on weight loss.

* Sleep will also help us to process the stresses and strains of the waking hours which may also be causing adrenal fatigue which will also increase cortisol levels.

So whilst we may be burning the candle at both ends or simply not taking the time to consider the importance of training ourselves into enjoying a good 8 hours sleep a night there is a secondary gain to be had for a good nights kip….weight loss …..zzzzzzzz

Clinical Reflexology is also a great way to help maximise the efficiency of the hormonal system rebalancing that wonderful endocrine system.

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