Preparing your body for pregnancy

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Hi all,

Getting your body into the best possible health for pregnancy is important and Nutrition and therapies such as Clinical Reflexology can be extremely beneficial.

Considering factors such as stress and hormonal balance is also important so i have put together some tips which i hope you find helpful.


You can look at your  menstrual cycle to help to determine your hormonal balance some indicators would include :

Missing a period – a sign of stress if more than an occasional miss.

Short Cycles – may be due to poor nutrition, stress, anaemia or low BMI. This can lead to lack of ovulation.

Longer Periods – may indicate that  oestrogen is high or progesterone  is low.

Heavy Periods – Caused by too much stimulation of the uterus by oestrogen and may also impact on the liver as it tries to cope with regulation. May be a vitamin A or C deficiency.

Dark brown , clotting or thick blood –  indicates a sluggish flow or poor circulation. Again Vitamin C can help.

Pale Blood – Blood needs to be built up and agin poor circulation.


One of the single most important factors here is stress reduction as it plays havoc with the adrenals and when too much cortisol is released ovulation and sperm health are affected.  Relaxation with massage, reflexology , reiki , meditation, tai chi , qi gong will all help.


Key vits and minerals are important…omegas, iron , vit A / C and plenty of water to help with cell rejuvenation is key.  Dong Quai also tonifies the uterus and improves blood health.

It is important to maintain healthy liver as the liver helps to filter toxins from the body including excess hormones.  Reflexology can help, as can herbs such as milk thistle.

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