Top 6 September successes

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I decided to post a few of the highlights here at peace of mind health each month as we have such a broad spectrum of health issues, weight loss and emotional wellbeing here that i wanted to flag a couple of the key things each month covering off a few areas that we specialise in. I am only posting 6 per month….as you can imagine we see so many people so i have to find 6 of the best each month to share….this is hard as every case is so rewarding and satisfying to see clients health and wellbeing improve . Here are septembers :-

1. Fertility – We are pleased to have yet another bump on board here through Clinical Reflexology, this lady has been trying for well  over 2 years and has had 3 sessions before we are celebrating a positive pregnancy!!!!! Yey!!!! I look forward now to enhancing her health and hormones throughout the course of the pregnancy!

2. New Baby – Very happy that one client who has been with me from conception to birth gave birth to a lovely baby boy this month!!! …..I feel blessed to have shared this emotional journey and i look forward to meeting baby in the flesh!

3. Weight Loss – We have a lot of successes here this month both with my work with clinical hypnotherapy and also nutritional coaching.  Biggest shout going out to a lady who i have been working with for just under 3 months who is already 31lbs lighter and in her words feels ”the best she has for years” ….interesting that we ALWAYS get a double whammy with the health issues subsiding too….sleep improvement, less acid reflux  / indigestion and increased energy are the ones this lady has been able to address ….now her next ‘problem ‘ is buying a new outfit due to her trousers falling off her!!! :O)

4. Clean 9 – This is  a system cleanse which kickstarts the body i use with clients who have gone on a weight loss journey or those who have a sluggish system or need to shed a few lbs for hol etc.  Lots of happy customers here as i give them nutritional support too and we have the most this month was just over 10lbs (most people lose between 4-8lbs on average) so you can imagine how thrilled this person was….keep it up and follow up with good eating as  advised by peace of mind health.

5. Digestive Disorders – We work a lot with IBS / Digestive imbalances and this month has been no exception we are getting more and more cases of clients who are struggling here. We have had some great successes using mixed medias of therapies. One lady has after just 2 sessions taken her ‘pain scaling’ of IBS from a 9/10 intensive pain (doubled over cramping and cannot leave the house) to just 2 or 3 most days . We worked with a mix of Reflexology / Nutritional coaching and some kinesiology testing which has proved successful.

6.   Digestive Disorders – Another great success here has been a client with IBD (which is different from IBS) who i have been working with now for 4 months. This particular client is having much fewer flare ups and has more energy and less fatigue which prevented her from doing so much. She is sure the reflexology is the main thing which is helping her

So if you are interested in hearing half a dozen successes each month then please reply to the blog and i will keep on sharing!!!

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