HAPPINESS – self help tips for observing peace of mind

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Hi All,

I have been working a lot this month coaching clients on how they can find inner peace and acceptance of themselves….Quite often we are always comparing ourselves and this can lead to negative thought patterns.

So if we are not comparing ourselves to others then we are comparing ourselves to ourselves based on our past experiences.

Our mind can run away with these thoughts , why is it that we find it so difficult to accept ourselves…just for who we are and to accept the present moment for what it is. Because even if the present moment is not what you have chosen for yourself ( because let’s face it , who actually consciously chooses to have problems ) we need to accept it is a reality right now, …and our resistance to it creates unhappiness.If we can accept the reality then this gives us an opportunity to the observe our thoughts and look at steps we can make to make our next reality better if appropriate .

What can we learn from where we are now ?  and how can we take that learning into our future reality?

What purpose is that thought serving ? and is it making you happy ?


Let me give you an example of one of my own experiences where i felt my critical mind trying to lead me down an unhappy road.

I decided to start an art class a few weeks ago, having no previous experience of painting or drawing. Stick men was about the depth of skill.

However i took the class and 10 weeks later producing some watercolour paintings that were by no means ” skilled’ by any stretch of the imagination….however when at home painting away on my table i enjoyed what i was doing, immersed in the experience and taking all i had learned over the past 10 weeks and putting into action. I lost a day or more just enjoying this for what it was. Fully in the moment.

Only upon returning to the class and putting my work along side the other budding artists in the class did my thought process begin to change…..all of a sudden my mind had changed , i became less happy and more critical of myself and my work….so  i began observing what was happening in my mind ….

That critical mind …i watched her….comparing my work to others and all of a sudden the pure peace and joy i had experienced at home , when i had been in the moment had gone.

Then the mind continued…..looking for someone or something to blame, the contentment of simply what was had changed. I looked within myself and my mind tried to  criticise and outside at external objects and did the same.

Now the pictures had not changed, hey were the same paintings i had been rather happy with at home.  I observed that it was not THE reality that had changed,  it was my MIND that had changed. It had decided to try to change its whole perception of the experience.

Once we are able to observe our thoughts , separate ourselves then we are able to rationalise those  thoughts and feelings and not allow them to define your true potential. Although your thoughts may seem true at the time th, they are not….. actually the truth is that they have  been influenced by your past experiences and then the mind creates a ‘false image’ which you believe.

As we begin to observe our thoughts we can begin to make steps to make sure that they do not become the controller of a negative mind nor determine your behaviour.

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