Is Reflexology the new cure for infertility ?

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Some of you may have read the review recently in the Daily Mail quoting the positive effects on Clinical Reflexology on helping with Infertility.

There have been many studies which have proven the positive influence Clinical Reflexology can have in helping Potential parents.

There are many scientific studies which support this , and articles too ….some of which are on my website.

A good clinical reflexologist will have a good understanding of the hormonal system, and work with your cycle and balance key reflexes and systems within the body to give your body the best chance of conceiving naturally.  Here at Peace Of Mind Health we are trained to the highest level possible in the UK (Level 5) and you can rest assured that we have specialised training on Fertility Enhancement / Pregnancy  and Ease Of Childbirth and the solid foundation of the support of Level 4 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology background  level 4 to support you with confidence.


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