Human Behaviour.

Human Behaviour

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human behaviour Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. Human Behaviour.

Human Behaviour

As we are now out of lockdown i observe the way our world has re emerged.
I watch as they flock into the soaring heat with engines running and air conditioning blowing away for hours until they finally get a parking space to arrive at the beach and then leave all their plastic and waste before returning home.

I watch as they queue along the street for cheap throwaway clothing, bargains to refill the space that they created as they cleared out their wardrobes during lockdown.

Human BehaviourI watch as they wait for hours to grab buckets and burgers….’ fast food ‘ that they now wait for a slow…. slow….. service to get.
I watch as they plead and beg with their hair, nail and face fixers “me first” with desperation so that they can go back to posting selfies pouting and perfect that have been missing from those social platforms for what must seem like forever.

I watch as the melodies of the birds gets quieter each day, as the roads jam up again with the business of life.

I stop and think, how did our world come to this. When did we loose our connection to the earth, to ourselves. When did we loose sight of what was really important.

I stop and hope, that this is just a pendulum swing as people search to find their normal after missing the choices and freedom  of their pre lockdown lives.

I stop and hope,  that once they have re-entered into the world that they realise that they preferred the way things were when it got a little quieter and slower. We humans (especially when we are stressed and anxious) look for old habits , we look for the comfort and familiarity in what we know.

Human BehaviourI stop and hope,  that once they took that trip to the beach waiting and wilting, hot and uncomfortable that they appreciated that their own home and the sun on the grass and  convenience right their in their own back yard was just as sublimely different too. When they saw the litter that they felt sad and sorry and they made a more conscious effort for the future.

I stop and hope,  that they realise that what they thought would satisfy them from that retail experience really doesn’t have the same impact as it used to for them anymore.

I stop and hope,  that that reformed piece of meat or dead processed food that they queued up for was not as satisfying upon the taste buds as the fresh taste of real food that when they had the time was really rather satisfying to create .

I stop and hope,  that they see their own natural beauty and radiance blossomed as they let go of the contouring, and wore their faces fresh and real. The daily stresses and toxins of life had been taken away with lockdown. No longer looking and feeling tired, worn and haggard . They took the time and as they breathed  in the fresh air and relaxed they realised that natural is the best accessory they could ever wear.

xxx Yes i hope xxx

You may say i’m a dreamer …..but i’m not the only one.

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Thank you for reading.

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