How to Increase Your Chances Of Having a Baby ……Naturally!

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How to Increase Your Chances Of Having a Baby ……Naturally!

Preparing for your baby before your pregnancy is like preparing your garden to receive a beautiful flower during the summer. If you prepare your body , your mind and your energy  then you will have a healthy foundation for giving that beautiful seed of life the best chance!

It is crucial to support your endocrine system as this is responsible for the reproductive health and also to ensure you have good nutrients for cell growth.  Taking stress out of your life at this stage is also very important.

I always think it is important to remember that egg health is a cycle that begins 90 days before ovulation , so this is the key time when what you eat, absorb, digest, and hold onto on an emotional level will impact on the health of that egg. You know that old saying you are what you eat….well you are what you eat and absorb (both physically, energetically  and emotionally) …really do start that de-stress and harmonising health plan now.

Cleanse your system of toxins, chemicals, processed foods etc. Ensure you are taking the right minerals and vitamins if you cannot get it all from your food. Think organic, remove ALL cows milk in ALL forms and ALL meat from your diet unless organic as you will be ingesting growth hormones and antibiotic residues. Drink purified water wherever possible too.

Look at complementary health to support you on your wonderful journey. CAM’s such as Clinical Reflexology ,  Clinical Hypnotherapy and E.F.T  can increase success rates by up to 55% scientific studies have found (see my fertility enhancement page on this website for resources of that information). In comparison the figures for IVF success rates are < 32% (and decrease with age stats). Mind / Body therapies use the power of thoughts / feelings  to influence physical harmony and balance.  E.F.T is energy psychology work which uses the same energy pathways  as used in acupuncture (meridians). As negative emotions which have been trapped running around in the body are released the client often feels much more balanced and lighter about the situation.

A specialist clinical reflexologist will work to stimulate your uterine and egg health and ensure you are having a healthy cycle to clear out old toxins and improve function and improve circulation which encourages cell rejuvination. Also you will find the lymphatic system can also work alongside the endocrine system to balance hormonal health . Your stress levels will also be helped through this process as the treatments are extremely relaxing.

Here at Peace of Mind Health we are  also trained in nutrition so council my clients with sound advise on vitamin, minerals and good food choices.

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IVF Counseling

Generally when you begin your IVF journey you will be put in touch with a counselor who specializes in counseling prior and during IVF. Take advantage of this opportunity and go for it. Speaking to a counselor could help fill that gap of support that sometimes friends and family are not able to fill or understand.