Treating Lymphoedema and Oedema naturally.

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What is Lymphoedema ?
Lymphoedema is excess of lymph fluid building up as a result of a poorly functioning lymphatic system and is most commonly seen an arm or a leg.  If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly then immunity will also be affected as this system is all about immunity as it is responsible for cleaning away toxins, bacteria, proteins and maintaining correct fluid balance within the body.   You may notice at times, your lymph glands become more sensitive or swollen around the neck, under arms and in the groin region. If so this is a sure sign that your lymphatic system is under pressure.

Over time , if the lymphatic system is not working correctly,  fluid in the body builds up and swelling which looks like water retention occurs.

Lymphoedema can be primary or secondary.

Primary – usually  from birth and arises due to some failure of the lymphatic system itself – and  It may develop without any obvious cause at different stages in life, and can be heightened more so in teenage years as the body develops.
Secondary  –  is the result of a trauma, injury, reduced mobility, radiotherapy or surgery.  In particular lymph nodes are very often removed after many cancer treatment’s . Secondary Lymhoedema is common after breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy.

What can be done to help with Lymhoedema  ?

Elastic compression garments are commonly recommended along with manual lymphatic drainage to help the lymphatic system back to balance.

We have trained in RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) , this is an award winning technique which is being used within the NHS as it has proven results for Lymphoedema. We are also excited that this technique is proving extremely successful with auto immune disorders too.

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