Iodine and Fertility

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Do you want to know the importance Iodine for Ovulation and Fertility ?

There are many nutrients and trace minerals which are needed to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy and one of those trace minerals is IODINE.

Why ?

Iodine is necessary for healthy thyroid function and then it can manufacture the hormones – (T4) /  (T3) which are involved in regulating enzymes, cell division , growth and development and developing the CNS for life……especially important when you are thinking about preparing your body for a baby!  Lack of Iodine can also impact on proper ovulation plus have a knock on effect in stressing out other systems within the body as they become overworked trying to bring the body back to homeostasis .

Did you know ………

If the thyroid gland is not functioning correctly it can have the following knock on effects …..

Poor ovulation


Poor immunity

Auto – immune disorders such as hypothyroidism or hashimotos.

Poor metabolism  (which can lead to weigh gain or digestive disorders)

Complications during pregnancy (such as blood pressure or mental deficiencies or knock on conditions for the unborn baby).
Central Nervous Conditions (as thyroid hormone is important for protection of insulation of nerves)>

cretinism (NB – in extreme cases) – Which is severely stunted physical and mental growth

Good sources of iodine include :


Current guidelines for women are 150mg normal healthy , 220mg for pregnant women and 280mg for lactating women. Please check all guidelines are up to date as this is correct as of todays guidelines only,  and check with your

Food Sources of Iodine Include:

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Sea Vegatables



Sea Bass






Tuna (watch mercury levels for pregnancy , only one a week ideally)


Cows Milk (organic)

Organic grass fed eggs

navy beans

You can also apply Iodine (buy some lugols ) and apply transdermally through the skin which  you can research separately for more information.

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