Know Your Cycle

Know Your Cycle – What your period can tell you

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Hi All,

Know Your CycleI wanted to share how import it is to Know Your Cycle and what your period can tell you.

Menstruation is a really important time which can give is important information about the state of your health.

The appearance of your menstrual blood, the length of your period or its absence can give you important information which may be showing you that there is an imbalance that, if not treated can lead to further disorder and dis-ease.

First of all a ” normal ” cycle should occur every 28-30 days with the bleed being 5-7 days. If your normal is outside of this then there may be markers for hormone imbalance. this may be fine for some people but , for example if you are trying to conceive and the cycle is out then you may find that this may lead to issues.

Know Your Cycle – Some things to look out for :-

~ Scanty extremely light period that is a bit of a non event. This may be due to excess testosterone, Lack of oestrogen or even a sign of thyroid imbalance.
~ Very heavy and clotty period (more than 1 tampon per hour) . This may be a sign of excess oestrogen building up. It may also be a pre cursor to PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Polyps etc.
~ Brown blood or spotting at beginning or end of the bleed. This is a sign that there is old oxidised blood that has not cleared from previous cycles and may be a sign of low progesterone and also may be a sign that you are not ovulating regularly.
~Painful Periods. This may be a warning sign that your oestrogen is raised in relation to progesterone and again a pre warning for PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis , polyps, fibroids etc.
~ Cramping.

What can you do : –

~ Take Milk thistle, this will help the liver detox and break down excess oestrogen.
~ Increase intake of foods rich in Vitamin B6 such as Avocado, Wild alaskan salmon, sweet potato, green veggies and eggs.
~ Supplement with Agnus Cactus (vitex) which is an adaptogen which balances your hormones from the root. Adaptogenic herbs can direct your cells to make more or less or certain hormones at the same time …how amazing is that !
~ Have a Fertility massage . This can help reduce the stressing hormones, helps oxygenise cells and increase healthy blood flow to the uterus. See here for more information
~ Increase the amount of water you drink.
~ Reduce stress.
~ Detox the womb and liver with castor oil pack.

Thank you for reading.

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