Loosing A Pet

Loosing A Pet

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Loosing A PetHi All, welcome back to our blog, this week – Loosing A Pet.

Sadly in September we had to say goodbye to our beloved Dog Charlie. 

If you follow the blogs you will have read how Holistic Health options kept him pain  free,  healthy, happy and drug free for 9 months despite being told he would only last a month. 

If you are a Dog owner yourself then you will resonate with this blog. I really was not prepared for the DEPTH of the loss of my wingman until it finally happened. 

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Loosing A Pet

I have spent the time since his death reflecting on just how MUCH he brought to our lives.  I really believe that unless you have known a loving relationship with a Dog then you have not experienced unconditional love. 

With humans, every single interaction has mainly some level of condition on it….

for example you meet the partner of your dreams, then you make vows of commitment , rules of life and as long as you work to them fine…..BUT lets be honest, that is love on conditions. 

Now your beloved 4 legged friend will ALWAYS be pleased to see you, they always want to be beside you, they do not judge you and are always there for you NO MATTER WHAT. 

Your Dog is a warm blanket at the end of the day, a hug no matter what your mood, a 

beacon of light in the darkness, a wagging tail is a tonic to nourish the soul.

No wonder the world feels so empty without them, the death of a beloved pet and the pain that grief brings is very difficult to bare. 

 I believe that dogs are good for your physical and mental health and wellbeing and once the grief subsides i look forward to welcoming a new furry forever into our family.

Thank you for reading.

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