CBD and Turmeric for Cancer

CBD and Turmeric for Cancer

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Hi All,

I wanted to share with you all my personal story of how Turmeric and CBD Oil within my own life has been greatly helping my Dog Charlie .

Charlie The Dog is my fur baby, my little buddha and I love him deeply. At the and of last year we thought he had a bit of a problem with his anal glands. He has been fortunate in the whole of his 10 years not to have had to have his anal glands drained but we thought maybe as he was getting older etc.

Anyway , we took him to the vets who confirmed through a biopsy that he had an aggressive tumour. We were told that without treatment he would not last another month (based on how long we knew he had it).

I did some shamanic journey work to see what I should do with Charlie The Dog, and was told that he needed to be given plant medicine in the form of Turmeric Golden paste , CBD oil and Cannabis oil for his cancer.

Plant medicine programme

So I began on a plant medicine programme which consisted of me making a golden paste using organic coconut oil, turmeric (over 4% curcumin) and black pepper. I am not listing the ratio as it was given to me in a shamanic journey and very specific for Charlie the Dog. I was told on my shamanic journey to use the cannabis oil on a 3 day rotation with CBD and Turmeric Golden paste.

Well at first Charlie the Dog purged some pretty awful stuff from both ends, this is part of the release work. This went on for about a week, he had stopped moving his bowels before I started the programme (maybe as the tumour was in the way).

I have continued with the 3 day rotation of Turmeric golden Paste, Cannabis Oil and CBD oil and so far we are 4 months on and Charlie the Dog is very happy and in no pain at all.

Yes the tumour is still there , it seems to have shrunk somewhat as it is not protruding outwards as previously. I do not know what the long term will be , however all that matters really is the quality of his life and I know that cutting, chemo , medication would have taken any quality away from his life.

Turmeric Golden Paste

Another side effect of the plant medicine wisdom of Turmeric Golden Paste, CBD Oil and Cannabis oil rotation is that Charlie the Dog seems to have gained a real spring in his step. He has for a few years had joint problems (arthritis) and his joint mobility has really improved. He is walking more now than he did when he was just a few years old. This has improved the quality of his life further still.

Along with the plant medicine I have been doing some energy healing and Zoopharmacognosy (which is a little like Kinesiology for animals). For Charlie the Dog he needed Frankincense and Rose oil.

I will keep you posted on this, when used correctly , plant medicine can be amazingly healing.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like any more information about how Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Kinesiology or my other work can help you , then please do contact me.


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CBD and Turmeric for CancerTurmeric and CBD for Cancer