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Hi All,

After a lovely weekend in nature when I can really take the time to immerse myself into the healing powers of mother nature I always feel amazing. Nature at this time of year really is a feel good tonic.

Mondays for me at this time of year after a weekend in nature I notice I literally have the spring of “spring in my step”.
I was discussing this with a client this morning which prompted the blog post.

What is it about nature that makes us feel so good ?

Well for me one of the things that lifts me is that I just love listening to the calls of the different birdsong which seems to be everywhere in spring. When I awaken to the beautiful sound of a song thrush it feels like the music of angels. I feel in awe of these beautiful songs. Yes thats a prescription i’m happy to take first thing every morning.

NATURE AS MEDICINEOf course now the spring equinox has passed we are also seeing the energy of the sun and the longer days. Oh I so love the Sunshine, yes not only the studies on how vitamin D is known to affect our mood but actually being present. Seeing the morning rays twinkle through the gaps in branches of trees and watching the light dance of the water as it reflects fairies have sprinkled golden glitter on the waters surface. Hello seratonin hit.

Talking of sunshine , does sunshine have a smell ? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that the earth and the plants and the trees kind of smell different some how as we come to spring . I’m sure there is some science in this or maybe its just my imagination , but there’s a smell of new life , fresh crisp air that you only get at this time of year. Whatever that smell is it just makes my adrenals feel all serene and peaceful.

Cherry blossom, beautiful and brief

One of the most loveliest things about the spring time here is the sudden eruption of cherry blossom everywhere . So if you have tried forest bathing (lovely yes ?) then try a cherry blossom bathe . Am setting you up for this so you can prepare for later on. Just sitting at the base of a cherry blossom tree and being sprinkled with confetti from their leaves is pure magic.

These are just a few of the things I notice when I am immersed in nature, The tonic for balancing my mind, releasing stress, and so healing. Our lives are often so busy we race around and miss the magic. With practiced focus of attention your future self will thank you for this healing tonic.

Get creative with your mind and see what in nature is your go to tonic.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great week.

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