Reiki Energy Healing – Kidney / Bladder Infection

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Hi All,

I wanted to share with you one example of many that I have of how effective Reiki Energy Healing can be.

Recently I had a client come to me for Reiki for relaxation. When I started working with them I was taken straight to the central meridian (which is an energy line in the body ) the navel point and to the Kidneys (physically within the body rather than the kidney meridian). I worked with the rebalancing as you typically would within a session.

At the end of the session I mentioned this to my client. I asked them of they had noticed any change in expressing their bladder or any discomfort in their mid back etc. The client said they had been going to the toilet much more and we discussed it may be worth getting a check to confirm.

The next few days it turned out that the client did indeed have a water infection.

There was also some changes in the clients life which had upset the central meridian. The deeply suppressed apprehension around this may have also been a factor. The rebalancing within a Reiki session will help the client deal with the situation. As well as, feelings with a grounded balanced energy field.

This is a really good example of where complementary health and conventional medicine work very well together as the client was able to address this physical imbalance far quicker with the diagnostic from the energy healing (in this case Reiki).

Reiki is a very gentle , yet powerful form of energy medicine. Now I am trained in Shamanic work, Kinesiology, T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine ) to name but a few so the work I do is much deeper than just Reiki alone.

Thank you for reading.

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