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Hi all,

I really love this time of year, the spring equinox or Ostara.
In nature it is the time of fertile soil as the land starts to grow from its seed. It is the return of the warmth of the energy of the sunlight and the longer days. Everything starts to spring to life!

It is also the time of the Maiden Archetype and the goddess power comes from the youthful energy that the maiden brings . The maiden archetype is part of the triple goddess energy (mother and crone or hag energy are the other aspects. This powerful energy can be used by harnessing it and setting intentions or holding a ceremony to draw in what you want to give birth or life or creative youthful energy to.


SPRING EQUINOX – OSTARAThe egg and hare are the symbols of this time, traditionally eggs were painted….now we just buy them in chocolate form so we miss the magic of the ritual.

Try taking a walk in nature and be mindful of the magic within nature and see the land coming to life.

Add into it a ceremony or ritual. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing :

~ You may want to plant some herb seeds, be mindful as you do this and acknowledge the soil as the womb energy from Gaia , mother earth.
~ paint an egg and offer it to the land as a representation of the start of life. Your energy of the tender painting of the egg will create the magic.
~ Use the feminine energy of the power of the full moon. Light a white candle and write what you want to create down.
~ Create a sister circle and all paint and egg , take it in turns to send your intention out to the universe whilst the rest of the circle generate and hold the space for it to be done. Say “ SO MOTE IT BE” after your intentions and thank mother earth for helping it to grow.

There are so many ways you can have fun with the spring equinox.

Happy Equinox.

Thank You for reading

Jeni xxx

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