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Hi All,

I have recently been doing some work with a couple of Breast Cancer clients and the results have been really successful.

In both clients they had the lump removed and the Reflexology was used to aid the healing response along with RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) work to prevent any secondary Lymphoedema .

REFLEXOLOGY FOR BREAST CANCER RECOVERYCancer Research Uk cite studies for the success of Reflexology in treating Breast Cancer patients and along with the harmonising of the Breast itself I can also apply techniques which will encourage immune response which speeds up healing time.

Not all Reflexologists are able to work with cancer care. However, I am trained as a Level 5 clinical Reflexologist and also as a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner.

I am able to work with cancer care clients. Always ask to see what level your Reflexologist practices at.

How did Reflexology and RLD help with their recovery ?

• RLD reflexology will encourage the body to reduce swelling.

• oestrogen dominance is often a pre cursor to cancers, Reflexology can encourage the endocrine system back to balance.

• Releasing stress from the body is really important. Stress can create an imbalance the hormones the body secretes which may impact on the bodys health.

• The breast reflexes along with the immune system were worked to promote healing.

• There are meridians (energy pathways) within the feet. From a TCM (traditional chinese medicine ) perspective , cancer is a stagnation of Chi. I am trained in TCM and can apply this into Reflexology to release any stagnating energy from the key meridians.

There is so much more to how Clinical Reflexology and RLD can help the body to promote its own healing response. You can google on the main cancer sites to read further studies.

I am thrilled that my Ladies had minimum down time and that their wonderful bodies are back to balance with minimum stress. Part of the work I did with these ladies was also talking through their fears. Furthermore, I really do believe that when clients face their fears and talk them through then that in itself is a fundamental aspect of healing.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like any more information about how Clinical Reflexology can help you then please do contact me.


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