Shamanic healing

What is Shamanic Healing ?

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What is Shamanic Healing ?

Shamanic healing is actually an ancient healing practice rooted in energy based thereapy. Shamanic healing is rooted in the belief that everything has an energy and that, sometimes, work needs to be done with that energy to bring things back into balance.

Traditionally and  culturally the shaman was an important part of tribal life – the medicine person, who would communicate with the 3 worlds of spirit and ‘journey’ to spirit realms and gain assistance and information from spirit helpers and power animals.

In the modern world as an Eco shamanic practitioner I use the same process , and we look at all issues regardless of their root cause  as being connected to the loss of energy, or power.

I work with my clients to restore balance to these issues, looking to return lost energy, remove negativity and return the client to wholeness. During the treatment soul parts may be reconnected , spirit may offer a power animal or some information which will return the client to a state of homeostasis.

During the shamanic healing treatment use of the drum, rattle, feathers, crystals and medicine wheel may be used along with ant other tools that spirit help has given. Every single shamanic healing session is different . 

The  important thing is that the client finds some reconnection , balance of energy etc. In a  soul retrieval , the client may receive soul parts back which have become lost, stolen , or left due to trauma or other reasons. In transpersonal or psycho-dynamic psychotherapy work these parts would be called “disassociated parts. 

As a shamanic practitioner , I travel to the realm of spirit to ask for guidance and knowledge on behalf of my client , i will work on removing spiritual blockages within the client  with the help of their Spirit Teachers and Allies, and then would find the lost soul parts and would persuade them to return back to the client. 

In the Spirit World there is no linear time and the soul part may be stuck or frozen energetically in a place or age where the trauma or issue occurred.  Returning the soul part to the client will help them in their healing and bring a feeling of wholeness that may have been missing.                       

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Shamanic healing
Shamanic healing
Shamanic healing
Shamanic healing