Time to be Mindful

Time to be Mindful

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Time to be MindfulHi All, welcome back to our blog, this week – Time to be Mindful.

It is so important in the world we live in to take a little time to be present. 

Little wonder that mental health issues are greater than ever, anxiety and depression as we live life continually seeking gratification through social media and spend time watching others rather than being present in our own existence. 

We connect to technology and watch our phones whilst walking , rather than being present in the world.

We watch nature on TV or facebook and share the amazingness of it, yet we do not take time to observe what is right outside ur front door. 

  • Do you understand the importance of the present moment and how nourishing it is to be present ?
  • Do you understand that many health issues can in fact be prevented by being present ? 

Every moment we choose to be present we are creating a positive firing of endorphins within the body, we are also connecting to a much deeper experience which lies within the soul. 

Time to be Mindful

When we are present then we are truly awake. When we are awake we make better choices.  We will then choose to have good experiences in each moment….that is so good for humans.

  • The most mindful moments are the present moments. 
  • The most powerful moments are the present moments. 

When we are choosing from the present then the soul can be conscious of itself as a powerful energy.

Thank you for reading.

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