I Wish To Be Me

I Wish To Be Me

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I Wish To Be MeHi All, welcome back to our blog, this week – I Wish To Be Me.


Let me ask you , how does that statement make you feel ? 

  • Do you find yourself comparing your life to those around you ?
  • Do you feel that others have a better life than you ? 
  • Do you think that others get to where they want to whilst your journey seems to be an uphill struggle ? 
  • Do you see others and wish you had their life instead of your own ? 

Running these negative beliefs throughout your life will feed the “I’m not good enough” monster. 

If we spend our lives feeling that what  others are doing and achieving is better than our life ,  then over time from these formed beliefs we end up building ourselves such high expectations that are impossible to bring to fruition. 

Remember, we are only seeing a snapshot of someone else’s successes , not the back story. We forget this and then we in turn feel unhappy, not good enough and utterly powerless in our attempts to meet these unreal expectations that we are creating. 

From an energy perspective, the feeling of powerlessness = Power Loss to the energy body.

Power Loss energetically spirals us downwards …..Powerlessness becomes hopelessness and hopelessness becomes depression. Depression is a total Power Loss.  

If we can bring our awareness into our thought and behaviours around  this process then we can reclaim our power (to be Power-Full / Empowered).

 Empowerment is the ability to reclaim our energy body back , to do this we need to release or become detached from any expectations. If we can do this then we reclaim back some of our inner power and self motivation.

Have a good look at your patterns and where you are watching others and their lifestyles, especially in the media, and then comparing yourself to them. 

It helps to eliminate all but one ‘I wish’ from your mind. 

There is only one valid and useful ‘I wish’ and it is simply “I wish to be me”. 

For that is all you can ever be. It is all you can ever have. It is all that you are. And when you know it, you will be free of all expectation and desire, and able to enter the most relaxed state of being, at will.

You are enough, just being you you bring something wonderful into the world. 

Thank you for reading.

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