Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

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Peace of MindHi All, welcome back to our blog, this week – Peace of Mind.

  • Why do humans find it so difficult to accept peace of mind ?
  • Why do we find it hard to be at peace with ourselves, each other and the world?
  • Why do we reject our natural state and instead hold onto drama , trauma and negativity?

At the core of us we are innately peaceful beings.

When you were first born you found it easy to maintain peace within your mind. Peace was your deepest inner state of being, peace was your true nature.

When you were non peaceful baby it was a deep instinctive thing that changed that state ….you needed food, water, you were too hot or cold,  or something within the core of you was not in harmony.

To be at peace was to be in your natural state, you were pure and clean and true.

You held inner peace within your mind.

You did not know how not to.

As you grew older you began to allow negative images to stay and pollute you. You began to store old memories and old experiences and over time your mind became more and more clogged up.

These imprints began to change your mind, you became more disturbed into negative thinking.

The more this happened and you did not challenge it the more your purity and therefore your inner peace began to disappear.

We work with people to change those old patterns , blocks and limiting beliefs that have gained strength over time.

E.F.T, Matrix- Re imprinting, Soul Journey work and Shamanic Healing can all be fast effective ways to bring you back to zero point.

Remember –

It’s not the external event or person that takes our peace away – it’s because we have given this event / person permission to stay with us. We bring it to life within our minds.

When purity is lost peace is lost.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like any more information about how E.F.T / Matrix Re-Imprinting , Soul Journey , Shamanic healing or any of my other work can help you , then please do contact me.


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