Nature And The Dark Night Of The Soul

Nature And The Dark Night Of The Soul

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Nature And The Dark Night Of The SoulHi All, Welcome back to our blog – Nature And The Dark Night Of The Soul.

As a Shamanic Practitioner nature and plant consciousness is very much a way of life for me. Living in a way of honouring the life of all things feels so natural , however it is something that felt lost to me when i was younger.

In my current life i cannot think of any other way of living . My day begins and ends with living in the deeper harmony of nature and using it as a guide or teacher within my life.
However , i will never forget my ‘dark night of the soul’ awakening.

Before that awakening my connection to the spirit of anything outside myself just was not present. I felt completely empty and alone and nothing , no-one could fill that void. That awakening was the most intense , out of body and into the world experience of my life.

It wasn’t glamorous, on some spiritual retreat or on a beach at sunrise.  Nor was it (at the time ) a story for my ego to glamorise and capture you with. It was in my own home,  it was just a very different day that now i look back on and see that as a doorway or a transition wormhole.

Nature And The Dark Night Of The Soul

I woke up just feeling that something non ordinary was happening. It seemed a more translucent day . The light just looked different as my curtains danced on the morning breeze. It was hypnotic and something within me felt more alive too.

Then on my morning walk , it was like a veil had been lifted and i felt the wonder within everything.

I could see the beauty and animism within every single thing. The inspiration of it all flooded through me.

Nature And The Dark Night Of The SoulMy senses had somehow grown sharper overnight and i felt overwhelmed and in awe of it all.

That emotional experience i can only describe as how others feel when they feel their god move through them (regardless of this being religion, art or meeting someone they really worship).
My spiritual vitality was complete and nature and i have been in balance and deep harmony from that day onwards.

Now i use this within my work as Shamanic Practitioner . As i interact with plant , tree and its spirit teaches me healing and guiding and remembering why we are all here on Earth, as we start to understand our energetic world on a deeper level.

I believe that Nature is spirit in a visible form for humans to understand logically.

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Thank you for reading.

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