Overcome Fear and Anxiety

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Overcome Fear and AnxietyHi All, welcome back to our blog – Overcome Fear and Anxiety.

I wanted to write a little to help with overcoming fears and anxiety.
We are faced with difficult times.I think its fair to say that Coronavirus crisis has created extreme issues far greater than the problem itself.
There are far reaching issues that come with this global crisis which affect our mental health as we go into a ‘lack’ mentality. A lack mentality creates fears and additional anxieties.

If we look at our basic table of human needs (Maslow) from a  psychological perspective we can only operate at a higher level when our basic needs have been met.
So if we just focus on the the core foundation of Maslows table. The base needs for all humans according to Maslow are our physiological needs followed by our safety needs.
Physiological needs cover food, water, air, shelter, sleep, reproduction etc.
Safety needs cover things like employment, health, security of self and family , property etc.
The current world is operating with the perception that these two base human needs are crumbling which creates the lack mentality which creates the fear and panic.
When we are faced with these traumas (whether they are real or not the effects are the same) they then lock into our mind and even our body.
For example ;

  • The reason people are becoming selfish (stock piling food etc ) is because psychologically their is a fear of lack (the physiological needs).
  • The reason people have been reluctant to self isolate is because psychologically their safety needs are suddenly ungrounded (employment , security , home etc).

It is important during these times to check in with how this is affecting our own physiological and safety foundation in order to bring yourself back to good mental health.

What do we need?

Most of us have way way more than we really need to meet both our safety and physiological needs.
Think about it …

What do i really need to survive? Overcome Fear and Anxiety

The chances are that what you bought at the supermarket really wasn’t basic survival stuff.
Why ….because you had more choice than your mind told you you had. If it came down to basic survival is toilet paper what you would really choose ? No of course not, because we are not really in a survival issue here (its just your mind creating a lack fear).

What do i really need to feel safe and secure? Overcome Fear and Anxiety

I get it , i am speaking as one who will suffer. I am self employed (now temporarily unemployed!) with no wage to cover everything both at home and also for my business rents (as its not covered). Its scary when you first look at it. However if we check in again we have been given lots of options that help ease that . Maybe not a high time in our lives for sure. Remember, we survived when we made difficult choices before. We survived when difficult things came that were not choices too.  We WILL survive this.
During these times it is important not to buy into the fear and catastrophising , for that you need mindful practice.
Take some time to look at how the worry monster is gaining power within your own life.
Look at the 2 foundations (physiological and safety)and how the worry monster is feeding your own personal fears in relation to those needs.
Write a list, write it all down. Every single fear, anxiety and worry.
Then use all the facts that you have to hand at this point in time to look at it in 3 ways.

  • Worst case scenario.
  • Best case scenario.
  • Likely outcome.

Do this as often as you need to and use factual information (not peoples opinions off social media, news etc) from government , HMRC , WHO etc to keep perspective.

I hope this gives you a little help and i will be writing more about mental wellbeing for you. 

Thank you for reading.
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