spring clean your mind.

Spring Clean Your Mind

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spring clean your mind.Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Spring Clean Your Mind.

At the time of writing this March 2020 we are being fed information by the media platforms, the government etc and as we have no individual power over the situation we may become anxious and fearful.

Just like all the big power scandals (think Pharma drug peddling , Banking fraud , Election frauds etc) the story behind the story may not be known to the public for some time, if at all.

What we are seeing at the moment is this chaotic situation is seriously detrimental to our mental health and wellbeing.
To help you deal with your mental health and wellbeing during this difficult time there are some practical things that you can put in place.

Time to spring clean your mind.

Get your own personal stuff in order.
Clear out of your life anything that is non essential, that you don’t need to stress or worry about. Make a day for that stuff to be either dealt with or put into a list, pile or file that you don’t go back to until your world feels less chaotic. For example; worrying about what to get someone for a birthday present, planning a trip , chasing an invoice etc deal with or dump. When the world feels chaotic it is really important to only focus on what is absolutely necessary. If it is using brain power or thought power in a negative way it has to go.

Check your resources.

A lot of the media platforms we use are feeding us corrupt information , sensationalistic information ,or on the other end of of the spectrum silence so we don’t get the full information. Feed yourself with FACTS ONLY, check yourself or look at reliable information and statistics. remember mainstream media TV, News, social networking etc are platforms that will program your mind by manipulating the information.

Use your own intelligence and weigh up WHY we may be fed information in the way it has been fed. Then your fears can be managed.
For example (at the time of writing this) in the U.K we are being told that we are <14days behind Italy in the death patterns. FALSE! We are being cited a one day analysis as a statement of fact (the day we had 233 deaths i think it was 21st march) (after that we tracked -30%, -38% , -49% , -78% , -112% to Italy on a >14 day like for like). According to these numbers we are actually moving further AWAY from that and that number gets healthier for us day by day – FACT!.

The U.K  GOV website downgraded Covid19 from a HCID on 19th march Click Here. Thats not being shown on mainstream news now is it ?  Check my information too as i am just giving you a perspective based on the information that i have.

Manage your exposure

Start to be aware of how much of this stuff you are seeing and how often you are seeing it. The brains neural pathways are set so that if something is repeated into it it becomes hardwired to it over time. So the more we are exposed to it the more we believe or confirm our fears. Limit exposure in media to once per day and from the most reputable source of information possible (ie directly from the government website or from the PM daily briefing. Let go of the other stuff, its manipulating and feeding your fears and anxieties.

Manage your connections

Following on from managing your exposure, be aware of your social connections too. Be aware of family and friends and how they speak and act. Do they focus only on one topic of conversation and if so is it negative ?  Try to have positive conversations about other things . Fire off your neural pathways with facts, fun and other sources of data. Feedback positive things that you observe in the world.

Focus on opportunities

Think of all the positive aspects for the future. If you can track and make sense of the changes then your future world can be so much better. Think about this as a map of opportunities. You can see this as an exercise in making your future watertight and learn and grow.
Consider ;

  • What opportunities are there for the future within my own life ?
  • What opportunities are there within my connections.
  • What opportunities are there for my career.
  • What opportunities are there for the world.
  • How can i play a part in this with what i know?
  • How can i play a part in it where i can?
  • Do i care to act upon any of these things from my own initiative?
  • Do i care enough to volunteer some changes or would i prefer to wait ?(pro active versus reactive thinking brings you back into power)

If you spring clean your mind and check in with your resources you will steady the ship. I really love tracking real facts and i find it helpful in understanding the story behind the story (but thats a whole other conversation!).

Thank you for reading.
Have a peaceful day.

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