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Perspective Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. Perspective

Do you ever stop to think about where in your life you may have lost perspective?

I have coached hundreds of clients and when we are moving them towards their dreams, goals and successes there is always a common theme where perspective has been lost.

This loss of perspective creates negative energy in the space that they should be performing in.

This blocks them from achieving their dreams and goals. It 100% blocks manifestation.
Some examples of where we loose energy to perception ;

  • What others think about you – 

Whilst you are loosing energy to your perception of a situation you are living a life based on wasted energy. You are creating a thought process that isn’t even real, just your perception that believes  it is real.

  • Catastrophising  –

Emphasising this worst case scenario negative way of thinking in life is an absolute manifestation blocker. Making an absolute negative statement out of a situation (your stressful workload, your lack of time, your seemingly impossible life  dramas ) and future paced catastrophising will all block energy flow. Molehills are really not mountains until your mind winds a tightly coiled spring of thoughts into your truth.

  • Lack of flexibility in thinking – 

Judgemental thoughts, proving yourself right and needing to be right, fixed points of view.

Blindly following others viewpoints rather than cultivating your own viewpoints.

It is vital that you work through the thought patterns that are blocking you from manifestation if you are looking to raise your abundance channelling in life.

We are manifesting ALL the time, how you are attuned will reflect what you are attracting.

Thank you for reading.

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