Resolving Conflict

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Welcome back to our blog, this week – Resolving Conflict.

This week I have been working with people to help them to resolve conflict and it got me thinking about where this sits on a global level.

Resolving ConflictThere has probably never been a time where there has been so much fear and conflict across the world. We are living in a time of unrest.

The news magnifies the fears by broadcasting 24 hours a day which leaves us with a subtle resonance of feeling unsettled.

Over time we then become adjusted to this way of life becoming the norm. We do not notice this happening as it is very subtle , but it is beginning to settle within us as the more we see conflict and fear , the more normal it becomes.

This not only happens globally , it happens then within our every day life – Resolving Conflict

Our own households become a place of conflict, the breakfast table becomes a war zone as we become used to the unrest, unhappiness , negativity and conflict and it permeates through every level of our lives.

In fact if left unchecked , your life may be set up and programmed to now prefer conflict within your life to peace.

You may not notice that as you have become addicted to the actions of anger , conflict and aggression, and on some subtle level you get a high off the adrenaline rush which results from this now ‘normal ‘ conflict.

Within all of this you have long forgotten what peace feels like, what stillness within the mind of yourself and your families is ……your view of the world has become a distorted sense of contentment as you become addicted to this modern dis-ease of the mind. You are not aware that you are slowly killing yourselves.

I heard a statement recently which states ” All conflict is simply a symptom of attachment to a position. And as we know, this generates fear, and fear, if allowed to stay, eventually kills it’s host”.

So what do we do about it ……

  • The solution to this  modern day dis-ease of mind is firstly become AWARE of this …it really is a thing.
  • Once you become AWARE of this , then this is the time to reflect honestly on how this is playing out in all areas of your life (and your families , as your children will be growing up to this within their environment too).
  • What triggers your personal environment ? For example is it news , social media , watching ‘realistic ‘yet negative TV shows, toxic friendships , family, unhealthy habits etc.
  • Recognising triggers and then have a strategy to deal with this until you have started to form healthy and positive and peaceful ways.
  • Make time for stillness and peace and quiet within your life and household. Over stimulation has been proven to stimulate the adrenal function .

All solutions to peace of mind are based on detachment and letting go. If you cannot let go of things within your life that are slowly killing you then you will always be at the mercy of fear and conflict and a chaotic mind.


Thank you for reading.

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