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Soul over Ego

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Welcome back to our blog – this week Soul over Ego

Have you ever thought about who is running the show of your life?

Is it your EGO or your SOUL ?

Soul over EgoThe ego can be a little trickster.  The ego will keep you in a fear based state and away from love and the key to your happiness is  to retrain the ego and recognise when it is running the show.

If you are operating from the level of the ego  then you are not operating from your highest self, your soul, God , the universe or spirit (depending on your world views). 

I was listening to Dr Wayne Dyers views on this , which he categorised into the 6 beliefs of the ego , which are as follows ;

1. I am what I have.

2. I am what I do.

3. I am what other people think of me.

4. I am separate from everybody else.

5. I am separate from all that is missing in my life.

6. I am separate from God (spirit , the universe etc).

The ego mind is just an illusion – Soul over Ego

The ego mind is just an illusion, however over time if we don’t check in with ourselves the ego thoughts gather strength and we come to believe them as truths.

Within both the work we do at Peace Of Mind Health and also definitely also  on a personal level it is important to reflect on where you are with your thoughts and beliefs and whether they are being run from spirit (please use your words here) or the ego.
If your ego is running the show then it is likely that you will be facing daily conflicts, anxieties , fears, separation and you will be feeling unfulfilled.

The soul journey work we do here involves reconnecting to this level of spirit led thoughts and recreating your ‘I AM’ .
This work reminds you that you are enough , that you are that perfect creation of light and that you do not need to prove yourself.

This work is rooted in forgiveness, for yourself and others which then re aligns you back into your soul energy.

You are a perfect as all of nature and you come from spirit so how can you be anything less.

Thank you for reading.

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