Rewild Yourself

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog.

Rewild Yourself .

rewild yourself

Remember yourself back to the fertile womb of mother earth .

Weave your senses back to the healing sounds of nature .

Breathe in the vital essence and fill your lungs with fresh air of life .

Rewild Yourself.

Take a step out and away from the hypnotic allure of the endless screens that are slowly disconnecting you from your soul and all that is real and true .

Switch off from it all . The screens you worship are all the same and they all disconnect you.

TV, IPad , Phone , Laptop – they all ‘screen’ you from your soul.

Social Media , multi media , newsfeed , newsreel – nothing real that is feeding your brain , washing you away in fear, rotting your mind , numbing you out , catastrophising , switching you off , dulling your senses , making you depressed and sad , or making you anxious , angry and mad .

Slowly seeping into you until you believe it is normal , and that anything wild and free isn’t .

Nature will not deceive you , she will guide you back to the truth of who you are.

Question this ; do you remember your inner wild is gentle , playful , creative , free , a bubbling spring of love that doesn’t need any substances to unlock it or permission to be present .  That is not a child , it is the part of you  you lost when you lost your faith .

Find her . Find him . Rewild yourself. 

Be free , Be happy

Thank you for reading.


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