Sweet potato fries with super greens recipe

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Sweet potatoes are one of my absolute favourite things. Don’t mistake them for being related to bland boring white potatoes, they are amazing!

Also they are abundant in many vitamins ,unlike white potatoes . Sweet potatoes are abundant in beta carotene , they have a very low glycemic index ( unlike white potatoes which raise blood sugar), they are fibre dense , loaded with vitamin C & B , manganese, potassium. What’s not to love!!!

So when I created this recipe it really was a simple ( all my recipes are intended to be simple yet nutritious , delicious and healthy  )  but powerful antioxidant dinner ……yum!!!

Sweet potato
Coconut oil
Rapeseed oil ( I infused with naga chilli)
Chilli powder
Cinnamon powder
Himalayan salt

Peel and chop the potato into skinny fries or chunky chips as you prefer.
Leave to soak in a bowl of water for a while to release the starch.
Heat oven to 200c .
Drizzle the chips with rapeseed oil (i don’t use virgin olive oil to cook with as it is not stable at high temperatures ) and then add the spices and salt, toss to ensure all potatoes are coated.
Cook for about 15 mins, then check and turn, cook for about another 15 mins until golden and skins are cooked.

Par boil the veg ,then wok fry in coconut oil.  Add a little Himalayan salt if you like.
Himalayan salt is the only salt that is actually good for you, it is abundant in minerals.
Serve + enjoy = That’s it!

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