Oxygenising the Body to Prevent Cancers and Other Diseases.

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Hi All,

My last blog was all about natural cures to help prevent cancer so within this blog i would like to go into the benefits of oxygenising the body to prevent cancers and other diseases in more detail.

Why do we need an alkaline diet and why is it key to preventing cancer and other dis-eases ?
When the bodies PH is too acidic then this has a knock on effect on de-oxegenising the cells.

Why is this important ?
Oxygen is vital to cells as it allows the platelets to be correctly shaped, nice and plump and round. When the cells are not carrying enough oxygen then they change shape, distort and clump together which then becomes a mass which we call a tumour.
If Oxygen cannot be carried to cells efficiently then this will also cause lowered immunity, which not only leads to diseases but also auto degenerative immune condition.

What can we do to increase oxygen to the cells within our bodies ?
~ Modify food choices – Green foods such as kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus etc are extremely alkalining to the body, along with lemons, limes, grapefruits, nuts and seeds.

~Turmeric has been shown in studies to be tremendously powerful as a preventative health measure for lots of auto immune conditions and studies have even shown tumours regressing when turmeric has been used in turmeric with active curcumin. You can google online for more information on this, however i know that Equus Health sell Pure Ground Turmeric Root with 2.5% – 4% Curcumin Content.

~ Acid forming foods include all sugar that are not from fruits, alcohol loaded with sulphites, processed foods, cakes, biscuits, anything stuffed full of preservatives, smoked meats, red meat and dairy.
You can google a more comprehensive list online to help you make better choices. Try to make your food choices 70% alkaline and these changes over time will help your body become more alkaline and therefore oxygenised which will prevent all kinds of illnesses.

~ Drink lots of filtered mineral water. Water actually oxygenises the body so if you are not drinking at least 2 litres of pure water (not tea, squashes etc …PURE WATER ) then your cells will be de-oxygenised. I cannot stress enough the value to health on drinking pure clean water . If you can afford it then the best water is reverse osmosis water, however it can be costly. You can buy alkaline water filters reasonably cheaply online (Bioecera do a good one).

~Reducing stress within your life. Stress is a major factor in de-oxygenising the body as when the adrenals are responding to stress it takes a massive amount of energy from cells to deal with it. Also, when we are stressed we shallow breathe above the diaphragm line which means we are not filling our lungs with oxygen to transport to the cells for energy.

~Liquid Chlorophyll is very good to include into your daily water or smoothies (We can supply you with this).

~Wheatgrass, barley grass or powdered Greens are also extremely beneficial in alkalising and therefor oxygenising the body (We can supply you with this).

~Meditation or Yoga will help you de-stress and learn to breath from below the diaphragm.

I hope you found this blog interesting.

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