What causes cancer and natural cures….

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Did you know that everyone actually has cancer cells in their body?

Cancer is caused when cells stick together as an irregular mass and form a tumour.
So what causes one person to get cancer over another ?

– parasites and microbes getting into the body (example from uncooked meat)
-too much acid in the body (example from a highly acidic diet or a diet lacking in alkaline foods)
– weak immune system which cannot fight off the microbes efficiently.
-lack of oxygen to the cells.
– DNA damage ( with the BRCA Gene) , preventing ATP production.
– helicobacter pylori ( preventing ATP production within cells ). We all have helicobacter pylori within our gut, however if our diet is acidic it pushes itself into the cell to avoid the acid.

So what can prevent and also reverse the cancer cycle within the body ?

-turmeric ( with active curcumin) , has been shown to reduce tumours. It is naturally alkalising, very high in antioxidant properties and has been shown to successfully kill heli. Pylori.
– vitamin c in extremely high doses. Vitamin c is drip fed
to cancer patients in hospitals. The start of healthy cell life.
– parasite identification , ie through seeing a kinesiologist.
– oxygenising the body with lots and lots ( over 3 litres of ideally reverse osmosis water, filtered and alkaline mineral water )
– an alkaline diet will oxegenise the body too . Remove processed foods, sugars and any foods with a high toxic load ( ie Mercury rich foods or non organic ) . Introduce liquid chlorophyll as well as lemons, limes, greens, grapefruit , almonds etc. you can research alkaline foods or check out my last blogs under nutrition.
– removing stress as stress reduces oxegen within the body . Consider Meditation.

Many studies are looking into the effectiveness of chemotherapy as some basc truths about cancer are being rewritten and there are many more comprehensive studies out there showing the effectiveness of some other healing modalities.
I encourage you to question and research a broad range of options to allow your body to be healthy and prevent cancer , however If you have been diagnosed then it is empowering to be aware of just how many powerful these preventative and reversal techniques can be for you to choose too.
Be free…..be happy !

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