The Jewels part three

The 3 Jewels – Part Three

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The Jewels part threeHi All, Welcome back to our blog – The 3 Jewels – Part Three Compassion

At the time of writing this April 2020 we are living in unprecedented times. We are witnessing turning point in history.

If you read the last 2 days blogs then you will know that part one was about simplicity and part two was about patience.

Today let us give the final jewel of compassion some space and contemplation.

The Jewels Part Three – Compassion

Right now our compassion as a world view is being triggered.

When we are faced with challenges it is of the human spirit i believe, for our levels of compassion to grow. At the core of our innate wisdom we know we work better as a group, a team and so we look for ways to bond.

By a vast majority we are able to bond with our compassion as we stand together and applaud our NHS , Our country leader, our key workers. By majority are able to bond as we show compassion and we reach out to those who have less. We bond with our compassion to those who are isolated , who are unable to get their basic needs and we help.

Why because at the core of use we are love.

If you are of the majority who is contributing with compassion it is because you are not at threat as a life-view (when we are in threat mode then we find it difficult to hold a mental state of compassion).

Why have i put compassion into the 3 jewel trilogy blog?

  • If we can act from a heart centred place of compassion then we are vibrating love.
  • If we can act from a heart centred place of compassion towards others then we can learn compassion for ourselves.
  • If we can act from a heart centred place of compassion for both others AND ourselves then we reconcile and negate the effects to have a positive impact on our lives and those around us.
  • If we can live in a place of compassion then our whole purpose in life becomes crystal clear.

So i believe that Compassion is a jewel. If we can learn the art of compassion then the rewards are abundant.

This is why i believe that Compassion along with simplicity and patience are the 3 precious jewels of fulfilment to your life.

Simplicity, Patience and Compassion brings you back to the soul.

Thank you for reading.
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