The 3 Jewels - Part Two

The 3 Jewels – Part Two

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The 3 Jewels - Part Two Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – The 3 Jewels – Part Two PATIENCE

At the time of writing this April 2020 we are living in unprecedented times. We are witnessing turning point in history.

If you read yesterdays blog , part one was about simplicity.

Today let us give the jewel of patience some space and contemplation

The 3 Jewels – Part Two – PATIENCE

Right now you may be feeling that patience is the thing that is being tested within you. Your boundaries have been changed. You may feel that you have no space.

Why have i put patience into the 3 jewel trilogy blog?

There is a quote that i feel are very important within the book of wisdom.

“The Master’s power is like this. He lets all things come and go effortlessly, without desire. He never expects results; thus he is never disappointed. He is never disappointed; thus his spirit never grows old. “

When we can let things come and go effortlessly we are mastering patience. When we master patience we master peace of mind.

The most difficult lesson in patience is often with those around us that we may take for granted.

For example; we may have patience with an old person who has less agility than we do. However we may snap at our loved one if we are feeling impatient , rushed and they are in our way.

So i believe that Patience is a jewel. If we can learn the art of patience then the rewards are abundant.

It is a great time to reflect on your life and see where you are triggered and who or what by.

  • Where we are not practicing patience we are living in the duality of judgement.
  • When we are not practicing patience then we are not living from our heart space.
  • When we are not practicing patience then our ego is running the show.
  • When you can simplify your life then life becomes effortless.

This is why i believe that Patience along with simplicity are 2 of the 3 precious jewels of fulfilment to your life.

Patience brings you back to the soul.

The 3 Jewels – Part 3 will follow tomorrow x

Thank you for reading.

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