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Meditation – the HEART – BRAIN connection

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Meditation - the HEART BRAINHi All, Welcome back to our blog – Meditation – the HEART – BRAIN connection.

No doubt you will be aware of Meditation and may have even tried it before.

You may have found it difficult , too long or just not the right kind of meditation for you.

Meditation is about focussed awareness , being totally present and how we each personally find that space will be different.

If you have not found your route in yet then i encourage you to try different practices until you find one that resonates.

Meditation to me is a way of being, not doing. That is not something we show up to once and expect to have a life changing experience.

To experience the full abundant benefits of meditation, that we need to practice. – Meditation – the HEART – BRAIN connection

No matter which way you look at it the benefits of Meditation are fundamental to your wellbeing right now.
Even if you don’t ‘get it’.

Even if you have tried it before and could not connect.

Bear with me on this one and i will explain.

So let us look at how stress effects our body in terms of the the triad of health and wellbeing. Physically (P) , Mentally (M) or Electrically or Energetically (E).

  • Stress causes negative emotions which will affect the bio-chemical processing as hormones switch our adrenals so that the fight or flight survival mode is activated. (P) (M).
  • Stress creates neural signals (P)(E) which travel from the HEART to the BRAIN this inhibits higher cognitive functions (M).
  • This process travels from the BRAIN through the HEART affecting the heart rhythm patterns (P) .
  • This process not only limits our ability for our BRAIN to think clearly, learn and make effective decisions our HEART temporarily becomes erratic and disordered. (P) (E) (M) .
  • The HEART’S input to the BRAIN during stressful or negative emotions also has a profound effect on the brain’s functioning. (P) (E) (M).
  • Both the brain and the heart have electrical circuitry and we now know that the heart actually sends more signals than the brain. They are BOTH electrical information centres.

If we look at the top 1,2 and 3 causes of death globally they are all HEART related. 

The 5th cause of death globally is BRAIN related. (the 4th is lung related to save you the google!)
(information from W.H.O ).

The way i look at it if we can change the electrical circuitry within both our BRAINS and HEART so that the frequency not one of stress then we naturally become healthier.

In terms of the creator of the stress , it really doesnt matter where the stress comes from, what matters is HOW it is sending messages through the body.

Once we change the circuitry we are rewiring the frequency.

The heart math institute have over 25 years of research into the heart brain relationship and i encourage you to look into this further if you are interested in the HEART – BRAIN connection.

Thank you for reading.

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