The Modern Mind

The Modern Mind

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The Modern MindHi All, welcome back to our blog – this week The Modern Mind.

I heard a saying yesterday about how both judgement and then anxiety runs modern day minds ….
The concept of this is that In this world today;

‘I am not what i think I am.
I am not what you think I am.
I am what I think you think I am.’

So what this means is that we are continually living in a world of judging a perception of a perception ( take a minute to process this ).

When you live like this you will be anxious because you are living life based on an illusion .
When you live your life in the state of illusion then you will never be happy, fulfilled or satisfied. The buddhists call it a deluded mind for a reason!

Social media is filled with illusions. The great image you see of someone probably took them at least a dozen shots ….and that’s before they added filters , air brushed or whatever else they did.

The Modern Mind

YOU are constantly being fed that as real, and before too long you believe it.
you begin to believe that the rest of the world is better than you in some way…..better looking, better friends, better stuff, better experiences.

You then cannot live up to your own deluded mind. That my dear ones is where the EGO mind starts to rule you in the most negative way.

If you start to become aware of your thoughts , how you judge the world and you’re anxieties then you can start to process this in a healthier way.
This is C.B.T and we work with clients to retrain their minds into a healthier way of being.

I will leave you today with this …..

Be who you are and say what you feel , but always be kind .
You have no responsibility to live up to anything other than your own life story …. but always live it with compassion.

Thank you for reading.

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