The Power To Adjust

The Power To Adjust

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Hi All,
Hope you are having a good day and welcome back to the blogs – this week The Power To Adjust.
Recently i had a situation which triggered me into a negative thought state (in this case anger) which is why i wrote this blog .
It is unhealthy and unhelpful to stay in a negative thought state over an experience . in my case i got stuck in feeling angry every time i thought of the experience and so i needed to find a way to release this feeling.

I used E.F.T and some N.L.P techniques to help me.

What this helped me realise is that quite often within a situation the other person does not recognise their part to play in this behaviour ( in this case selfish, thoughtless and potentially damaging to a third persons health ). I did not want to carry these negative feelings so i needed to decide how we proceed or process this.

I recognised that i needed to make peace and adjust to the experience in a healthy way for me.

The most important thing for us all within these negative experiences is adjusting and accepting. this flexibility within our thinking patterns is what gives us our power back.
If we stay angry or negative then we are losing power which in the long run can be very damaging both for our minds and also our physical health too.

To adjust means to understand and accept that nothing can be done to change a situation. It is more sensible and practical to accept it. I also believe that an exercise called the ’empty chair’ (which is just putting yourself into that persons seat and running the scenario from their perspective) is very helpful.

When you decide to adjust your thoughts and accept then you reclaim your power….not because it will benefit others, but because YOU dear ones will benefit in the long run.

This is like crossing a physical obstacle; I cannot remove it so I have to find a way around it if I am to progress.

Thank you for reading.

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Power To Adjust