Tick List For a Happy Life

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Tick List For a Happy LifeHi All, Welcome back to our blog, this week – Tick List For a Happy Life.

My tick list for a happy life;

– Be yourself always.
Be honest, open and true to what matters to you. We are not great at that generally. Often we are too busy trying to please others or trying to fit in. Believe me if you are doing either and you manage to make it to that place of fitting in you WILL NOT be happy there. You will be craving something wilder and free-er. Do yourself a big favour and be yourself now whilst you still remember who you REALLY ARE.

– Stop living in the past .
It’s done. Let it go. Move on. If you can learn from the experience then please do. Reflecting allows us to gain insight and information that gives us future growth. If nothing can be harvested from this then just let it go.

I love the concept that everything and nothing has meaning simultaneously. What this really means is that nothing has meaning unless you attach a meaning to it. Let go of anything that isn’t serving you.

– Stop comparing yourself to others.
No one has a perfect life or gets it all ‘right’ (whatever that means). You are amazing just as you are. this is where you need to do the deeper work. just saying you are amazing as you are has no legs until you deep dive into that beautiful body of work and allow yourself to be bathed in what it really means to own that . From the heart and out.

– Stop judging yourself.
You did the best you could with the resources you had at the time. Only when WE know better can WE do better.

– Stop judging others.
You don’t know their story. They are doing their best, only when THEY know better can THEY do better.

Thank you for reading.

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