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Time For MeHi All, Welcome back to our blog – Time For Me.

Happiness lasts when we take some time for ourselves and listen at the level of our soul to our own needs, desires and yearnings.

Always find some time for things that make your soul feel happy and alive. The things you chose without needing validation by having to broadcast it to the world.

We all have the same amount of time. 24 hours is gifted to every single one of us. No one gets more or less.

The truth is that we create the time for what we prioritise, what we decide is most important in our own worlds.

Sometimes i feel this needs stating loud and clear, because we need to be honest with that.

We often do not put our own soul needs on that list.

Let me ask you this …..do you even know what your soul desires, needs, wants and yearnings are?

Quite often those things are packaged up in material cravings, addictive behaviours and that is NOT the calling of the inner wild of your soul.

Many people are so disconnected from this that they actually have no idea what that looks like at the level of the soul.

When you are answering the call of the inner wild of the soul you know it because it such a pleasurable vibration that runs through you when you take time to honour those callings of the nourishing of your soul that it is like coming home to yourself.

Happiness lasts when we take some time to get to know ourself at the level of the soul rather than feeding the addictions of the ego.

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