Soul Alignment

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Soul Alignment Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – Soul Alignment.

The soul is a strict master, it has a plan which involves teaching us for our spiritual growth.

That teaching presents itself in the form of life lessons. It requires that we extract our growth from pain which is why we learn the most from the wounds of grief and loss.

The soul will seek out growth from pain in many forms. It will turn hurts, angers, losses, disappointments and physical pain into a mirror for self discovery.

The question is are you aligned with your soul? – Soul Alignment

If we are not aligned either through conscious soul journey work or unconsciously this is why for many people they will stay stuck with their wounds . Worse still they may find that they become a victims of those wounds . This creates a block that prevents the soul growth. Some people may live their entire life with very little movement from the wounds.

If you can consciously do soul journey work then it is always possible to transform these wounds into life lessons. Precious Jewels of expansion and growth.

Every challenging experience we encounter in life is an opportunity for growth.

I love soul journey work it is so cathartic to allow yourself to move from the external (blame judgement etc) to the internal (reflection, allowance etc).

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