Time To Create Life Goals

Time To Create Life Goals

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Time To Create Life GoalsHi All, Welcome back to our blog – Time To Create Life Goals.

Where we are at this point in time is a still point.

At the time of writing this April 2020 we have been forced to stop.

Who could have comprehended such a significant change in such a short period of time, and yet here we are.

Now we are getting used to it, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit patterning. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the habits that you may have been forced to change.

Do you still want all the things that you thought you did?

Time to create life goals.

The world will never be the same, the question is will you try to go back to the structure of your old world or will you try to create a new architecture for life.

Personally i have seen this as a great opportunity to really do some spring cleaning of my life. I have time to create some life goals.

As a Life Coach I have certainly gone through my own life transformations. Just at the beginning of this year i felt so grateful to be able to have built my business up enough over the years to be able to change the dynamic. I finally achieved the goal giving me more time back as a balance.

This time right now has been a great teacher. Now as i look at my life from this still point, i can see that there is a whole other level of opportunity for me.

I could not have seen this great opportunity from the viewpoint that i had before this enforced stopping of the world.

Its a bit like those logic riddles, you know you know the answer . Its right there in front of you , and yet it just slips past your conscious awareness.

Well i have just had that aha moment. i can see a whole other level of opportunity. I feel so excited and grateful for this space to assess and allow this time to connect me to this abundance.

I wonder if you can assess and use this time to really take a good look at your life and yourself and see what can be even better.

If you have been feeling stuck , that there is more or even a little unsettled then this is definitely the time for you to do this work. Your future will be impacted on what opportunities you are manifesting right now.

Thank you for reading.
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